About Us

About us... that's a tough one!

WATTSOCKS® is something we launched earlier in 2019 when we simply weren't happy with our own cycling socks. Constant tearing, lower quality socks (from some very big brands) and overpriced materials meant we had to do something about it.

The company operating the brand Wattsocks is VG Group d.o.o. with the registration number is 8419949000, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

By Cyclists, For Cyclists

So, we launched WATTSOCKS®. We started mapping out where we'd source materials, what types of material we'd like, and who we could work with for manufacturing and distribution.

Our socks are engineered in partnership with Intersocks' Research & Development department. They're the leaders in technical accessories and athlete peripherals since 1979.


They helped manufacture our socks and continue to do so! We're very happy to have them on board.

What Makes Us Different

The materials we use aren't really found in any other cycling sock brand. Each sock is knitted with unique patternology, meaning your pair of WATTSOCKS® truly are woven for comfort and anti-slippage. We've made sure that the technology part to our brand reigns supreme, but also translates into a better cycling experience for you.

Hopefully you whip on your pair of WATTSOCKS® and ride with us!



Founder of WATTSOCKS®

Valentin 4 Endurance