Handling Guide

Taking care of your WATTSOCKS ® pair of cycling socks is crucial for extending its lifetime value. And don't worry - washing and handling them is super easy.

Let's start with the utmost basics: you need to wash them! No matter how durable your cycling companion is, the hyperventilated mesh and antibacteriostatic properties won't stop them from getting smelly eventually.

How To Wash Your WATTSOCKS®

We highly recommend a cold rinse wash at 30°C and never higher. This is due to the microfibers of the socks. Washing them on a higher temperature can cause wear and tear of the mesh.

While this sounds a bummer, it also means that you're able to wash them on a 15-minute cold rinse setting, which most washing machines support!

Like most premium materials, it's not recommended to tumble dry your socks (due to the high temperature).

Lastly, we encourage you to use washing gels and liquids rather than washing powder. Washing powder can result in the powder getting stuck in the hyperventilated mesh.

That's it!

Enjoy your new shiny pair of WATTSOCKS ® 😀